I started photography because I needed to accurately sum a moment or a memory up into one image. This is what drives me each day. The need for every picture to count. Because what I do is not about business, its about the business of making each memory unforgettable. I strive to make my work represent exactly what happened in the moment. And that is serious business.


Whether I’m filming an interview, or photographing an event, I’ve realized that appreciating a business for the amount of work that goes into it is important. My job is to make sure that art, events, people, moments, and memories are not overlooked or forgotten, and that they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Photography and videography is such an exciting job. For me, it means capturing a moment that will never happen again. It means making that moment count, and making sure it is not forgotten. For me, this line of work is more than just images – they’re stories filled with emotion, that I want people to share. And isn’t that what they’re for?


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tyler Sirman and TSP on a number of different projects, including photo shoots, video production, and marketing strategy. He has the gear to handle whatever is thrown at him, the creativity to bring concepts to life, and the professionalism to successfully deliver on time and budget. He has an ability to make the intangible, tangible.



Tyler is a dream to work with. Most people are beginning to realize how important online video is for their projects. [TSP] makes the kinds of videos that you want to share with everyone because they’re so good. His videos make you proud about your project all over again. He keeps his word on deadlines and overdelivers on quality. Plus he’s one of the swellest and nicest people around.


Any nightmares you might have about hiring a prima donna videographer who won’t listen to your needs and will go way over budget and deadline may be put to rest. If you want to create a video you love with peace of mind in the process – Tyler is your man. I plan to work with him again and again and again.



There’s something about taking pictures that has always moved me. It’s the idea that in that one instance that the shutter clicks, I’ve gathered the soul and heart of the subject and turned it into a visual. I like to think that each one of these visuals is a story, all it’s own – and it carries that one thousand word guarantee that so many people talk about. I want each image to be able to be taken out of context and be understood. I want you to be able to appreciate what I create, and then appreciate that it has it’s own story.

It’s not just about the story though, it’s about making you feel proud of what you’ve done as an artist or as a business. When I’m shooting, I can’t help but feel obliged to make every shot, angle, and moment worth it. Over the past couple years, I’ve realized that photography and videography is more than just media. It’s the art of remembering your art. Let me capture it for you, and let it live forever.


More than anything else, I want my clients to look at their final product and be happy with what they see. So whether its capturing that final note of a song, the genuine smile of laughter, or just you doing what you love – I want it to be just the way you remember it. Perfect.

Need a teleprompter? Got it. Studio lighting? Yep. Great audio recording? Done. I’ll work with you to get your images and video where they need to be.

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Tyler is an artist when it comes to video and is the best at what he does.


He does an outstanding job providing direction and making everyone in the room feel relaxed to get the absolute best outcome. Tyler works with high-end equipment and the result speaks for itself.


He is very approachable, professional and accommodating and I'd recommend him without hesitation. We are excited to work with him again on our next video project!


- Zach Belland, CEO & Director of Marketing, The Crow Creative