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  • Tyler Sirman

The Beginning

I feel compelled to start to share my experiences for and with others in the industry, but also with clients who are looking to get an insight into how I work. So, through my lens, I see operating a business a certain way, being a freelancer a certain way, and working with different clients a certain way. I wanted to give my take on industry trends, new gear, being a self-employed millennial, my failures, my wins, and what I think is important to know about all that. Here's the beginning of that.

What You Can Expect.

Expect to learn a unique perspective on an industry that absolutely anyone can get into and be successful in. Expect to see my honest input on everything from buying new gear, to my normal challenges, experiences in the field, and industry stories.


I think challenging myself to think critically about what's happening around me and to keep up with this might be interesting. I also think that in order to establish myself as an industry-leading professional, I should know and be able to share a few thoughts about the state of things. I also think this an industry that is SOOOO crowded and having a level head when trying to navigate it, even as a client, can be tough. Hopefully I can map out a bit of it.

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